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If your looking for something to do with your Pi you can't go wrong with the Raspberry Pi Magazine (The MagPi)

MagPi Issue 1
MagPi Issue 2
MagPi Issue 3
MagPi Issue 4
MagPi Issue 5
MagPi Issue 6
MagPi Issue 7
MagPi Issue 8
MagPi Issue 9
MagPi Issue 10
MagPi Issue 11
MagPi Issue 12
MagPi Issue 13
MagPi Issue 14
MagPi Issue 15
MagPi Issue 16
MagPi Issue 17
MagPi Issue 18
MagPi Issue 19
MagPi Issue 20
MagPi Issue 21
MagPi Issue 22


This is simply a file repository for The MagPi Magazine and is not officially affiliated with any parties. Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi foundation
The MagPi magazine is collaboratively produced by an independent group of Raspberry Pi owners, and is not affiliated in any way with the Raspberry Pi Foundation. 
The Magpi does not accept ownership or responsibility for the content or opinions expressed in any of the articles included in these issues. 
All articles are checked and tested before the release deadline is met but some faults may remain. 
The reader is responsible for all consequences, both to software and hardware, following the implementation of any of the advice or code printed. 
The MagPi does not claim to own any copyright licenses and all content of the articles are submitted with the responsibility lying with that of the article writer.