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 Pick Up a Pi

Welcome to Pick Up a Pi, your only destination for all things Raspberry Pi all over the world.

Pick Up a Pi's main focus is on making the Raspberry Pi more fun, easy and interesting to use both in an educational environment and at home. We do this by providing Raspberry Pi kits containing not only the bits and pieces you will need to get started with your Pi but also a range of electronics hardware for you to connect to your Pi and really start leaning about computers, electronics and programming.

Our current Raspberry Pi kit (the Educator) is aimed at teaching you all the fundamentals of computers, electronics and programming as well as giving you some fun hands on experience and awesome projects to make. Once you complete the comprehensive and easy to follow guide (that is aimed at beginners) you will have a good grasp of what you can do with your Pi you will also have a reasonable understanding of how to control LEDs, Motors, Servos, Stepper Motors and buttons all of which are fantastic skills to have when it comes to building things like robots, remote control toys and so on. 

Our Educator A* is the complete kit and is available here and the Educator B Kit (just the electronics, no Pi) is available here.

If you want to get a taster of what you can expect in these kits have a peek at our Pitronics series here. And if your still not sure what its all about have a watch of this video created by our youngest 'staff members' Tabbie & Emma (Both aged 13);